Dew It Skin

On The Go - Body Polish

Rp 209,000 Rp 225,000

What Is It

Okay, hold on. Roll it while walking? Uh huh, that's right!

Meet Dew It’s Body Polish, equipped with the Dew It Roller to massage your tired skin. Complete with UV Protection, this lightweight and cooling polish is here to race you to your next location looking 100%!

A lightweight, UV protective formulation for a hassle-free glow.

Roll, Move, DEW IT!


Formula ringan dan terlindungi dari sinar UV untuk menghasilkan kulit bercahaya yang anti-repot.


How To Use It

Step 1: Bring Your Dew It Body Polish in your bag/carry-on

Step 2: Squeeze it on to your arms and legs

Step 3: Roll and massage into your skin while walking, running, or even squatting… you decide

Step 4: Glow all day!



Supple Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Argan Oil along with Vit E and Fit B3, this unique baby will help regenerate damaged skin cells, moisturise your skin so you get that all-day hydration!

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